William Sprankles @wsprankles

10 Great Stars to Follow in the Twitterverse…

For those of you new to Twitter – or if you are wishing to get more Value and Diversity from the Leaders you follow – begin by seeking out these 10 Stars in the Twitterverse.

In no particular order, the below 1o educators are great leaders to follow on Twitter for the following reasons:

  • They are always active, but never overwhelming on your twitter feed.
  • They will challenge you to Think and Reflect – and push you to grow professionally
  • They will provide resources and guidance
  • They focus on Technology and Best Educational Practices
  • They are all Unique, Practical and provide Authentic Leadership

For your convenience – all 10 profiles below are hyper-linked directly to their Twitter Accounts.


Written by:

William T. Sprankles III – @PHSViking

Princeton City Schools, 6-12 Principal



Bonus Star in the Twitterverse: John C Maxwell – Leader of Leaders…


By William T. Sprankles III

Princeton, 6-12 Principal



5 comments on “10 Great Stars to Follow in the Twitterverse…

  1. Karen Cingiser
    July 16, 2012

    Good list but where are the women?

  2. Suzannah
    July 16, 2012

    Really? All men?

  3. John Norton
    July 16, 2012

    Great folks to follow. Let me be sure I’ve learned the leadership lesson here: In the 21st Century, leadership in the education/social media universe is a matter of gender? In a list of 10, no room for a woman or two worthy of the attention of ed leaders?

  4. Great list!….I’m following most & friends with some…but where are the women? I mean, I am SO not a femi-nazi but in a profession that is predominantly female it’s sad to see not one chick on this list.
    Where are @elemenous, @zephoria, @mbteach, @joycevalenza, @AngelaMaiers, @accordin2jo and umm me!? Just sayin 😉
    The Daring Librarian

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