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Significant Leadership

Leadership plays a significant role in shaping the lives of adolescents.  Leaders skillfully influence the lives of others through social interaction. This type of interaction is vital when it comes to instruction. An individual’s demeanor, appearance, and attitude are all factors students use to examine one’s creditability. In this day and age, confidence and genuineness are indispensable measures when working with students.

The majority of the students that I work with have special needs. These pupils generally come from rough environments where there have not been a lot of advantages.  My students are children most people would refer to as, “the bad kids.” However I see them differently.  My background and experiences help me relate to them.  I care about them and have always felt that if I could help just 1 kid and give someone hope, then I am doing my job.

Working in Special Education can present day-to-day challenges.  For instance, instructors must demonstrate high levels of patience and create structure to ensure effectiveness within the classroom. Teachers really have to understand that each student has a range of emotions and that you cannot allow those emotions to derail your concentration and focus as the instructor. Human emotion is real, it runs through us all. The challenge is finding a medium between love and tough love. Students need to know that you care, but they also need to understand that you mean business and that it takes tough love sometimes to get them to where they want to be. All kids need structure and I honestly believe all kids want structure. Students respect the teacher who is organized and does not tolerate non-sense. It is my belief that students see these types of professionals as individuals who will prepare them for what lies ahead.

My students are talented and cognizant of the world around them. While others make the assumption that these students are disrespectful and or talentless, I have had the opportunity to see this proved wrong.  I have had the privilege and honor of working with some of the brightest students at Princeton High School. After working with many of my students, I have seen them grow immensely, each day maturing and learning steadily. Some of my students have gone on to continue their education, while others have been successful in solidifying gainful employment.  Overall my goal for all of my students is to achieve success. I promote successful strategies for living, in hopes that my students will assume their rightful position and become productive members of the community.

 James Stallings

Intervention Specialist


2 comments on “Significant Leadership

  1. randyspeck
    December 7, 2011

    James, great post. As a school Principal, I appreciate your attitude and commitment to these students. Well done.

  2. Sharon Hawkins
    December 7, 2011

    Wow! You are right on point..Your level of professionalism is great! I agree with everything you wrote! Keep up the great work.

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