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Leadership = Ownership

What does it mean to be a leader

What leaders have you followed, admired and work with that you know are good leaders

What makes them good leaders


The most efficient, dynamic and followed leaders that I know, have owned their product, their process and their problems.  They don’t blame others or factors out of their control.  They don’t list reasons why things can’t happen, or why they don’t, and they don’t share what they don’t have that is keeping them from being successful.  Maybe it is because when you own the problem, the process and the solution, you don’t have time. 

Leaders don’t give up ownership of problems.  They don’t tell others to figure it out or pass it off to someone else because they can’t fix it.  The finest leaders I know ask for advice, ask to talk through solutions and or brainstorm ideas, but they never give up ownership

Leaders always have belief and confidence that they can figure it out.  No matter what the it is, they never portray a sense of defeat or impossibility.

Leaders admit when they are wrong or have failed, but they never show any signs or characteristics of inadequacies or give off any impression they know how to give up, give in, or quit.

While the most accomplished leaders I work with and for are not perfect, do not known everything and are not able to do everything, what sets them apart from weak and inefficient leaders is their ownership

Leaders guide others and by owning their challenges.  They do figure it out.  And they do create a sense of security and trust, that others want to follow.

-Jaclyn Cruse

Princeton High School



One comment on “Leadership = Ownership

  1. Steve Nordmark
    December 8, 2011

    So true Jaclyn, and as part of the ownership they are fully committed in a way that means they do not fear losing their job.

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