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What Would Yours Say?

ImageIf you have started your holiday shopping, you have most likely seen the newest trendy quote-poem canvases.  While they border between original and cliché, I love them!

Above is the one that my bare wall needed.  And each time I read it, I wonder how many more are out there that I haven’t seen?  And would my husband notice if I had one in each room? 

As an educational leader, I challenge you to question yourself, what would yours say?  I can only imagine, mine would read something like this:

This is your opportunity.  Your chance to make a difference and do things that you never thought you could.  This is your responsibility-  to have come from a place with such love, but limitations, from such support, but low expectations-  This is your obligation to change lives-  to change those who affect lives.  Push yourself to show young people possibilities and life styles different than they know.  Teach young men how to be strong, but kind and to respect young women.  Show young women their worth and strength and fear and model the ability to stand strong, and break down and love.  Cause young people to know that they can choose different- that they can choose where they live and who they love and how their houses are run and if voices are raised or not.  Lead by example, by believing that everyone deserves to be respected and valued.  Show your students their history and strength through relevant curriculum.  Challenge yourself everyday to stay positive and to remember how much harder it could be.  Risk looking stupid or simple if it means improving.  Let people help you-  it is not a sign of weakness.  Change.  Change your mind, change your way, change your method, change your tone and change your material if it changes the outcome.  Be still.  Listen and show others you value what they bring.  Share the problems.  Be open to ideas.  And above all, never forget how bad you wanted this.  How many times you told your story and answered their questions to get the chance to lead.  Be yourself-  you were chosen for who you showed them, not for who you can pretend to be.  Never forget how incredible it is to stand beside your learners and know that they feel a sense of pride, value and worth that you helped create.  Never forget how scary it is to fail and how alone leading can be.  Remember how hard it is to believe in yourself and remind yourself how many times you have messed up and how much you did learn.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  You are not small.  And never forget, this is hard-  but you wouldn’t choose anything else. 

 Jaclyn Cruse

Princeton High School, Administrator


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This entry was posted on November 28, 2011 by in Educational Leadership.
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