William Sprankles @wsprankles

Bet on People, not Strategies

Today, our school was faced with an extremely moral dilemma and high profile conflict. Our team of leaders quickly assembled during the morning hours and began proposing various solutions, including playing devil’s advocate for every strategy.  It was very obvious from the onset that we were in a “catch 22” as none of the possible solutions seemed to be plausible. Embedded within every decision was a possible set of negative outcomes and perceptions.

While deciding on the most effective strategy was critical, it was more important to have an extremely tight-nit team with a deeply rooted degree of trust.  All of us were committed to speaking the same message.  We were committed to constant communication and updates and holding the bottom line.  We informed each other, praised each other, and each of us took turns taking the lead throughout the day.  At no point during the day was leadership about position, but rather disposition.  When this type of chemistry exists, it is humbling to learn from your peers and simultaneously inspirational.

I could not be more proud of our response to today’s situation, as it was was reflective of true teamwork and authentic leadership.

Hail Vikings. 24/7 Princeton Pride.

by William Sprankles

Princeton High School, Principal


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