10 Great Stars to Follow in the Twitterverse…

For those of you new to Twitter – or if you are wishing to get more Value and Diversity from the Leaders you follow – begin by seeking out these 10 Stars in the Twitterverse.

In no particular order, the below 1o educators are great leaders to follow on Twitter for the following reasons:

  • They are always active, but never overwhelming on your twitter feed.
  • They will challenge you to Think and Reflect – and push you to grow professionally
  • They will provide resources and guidance
  • They focus on Technology and Best Educational Practices
  • They are all Unique, Practical and provide Authentic Leadership

For your convenience – all 10 profiles below are hyper-linked directly to their Twitter Accounts.


Written by:

William T. Sprankles III – @PHSViking

Princeton City Schools, 6-12 Principal



Bonus Star in the Twitterverse: John C Maxwell – Leader of Leaders…


By William T. Sprankles III

Princeton, 6-12 Principal


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5 thoughts on “10 Great Stars to Follow in the Twitterverse…

  1. Great folks to follow. Let me be sure I’ve learned the leadership lesson here: In the 21st Century, leadership in the education/social media universe is a matter of gender? In a list of 10, no room for a woman or two worthy of the attention of ed leaders?

  2. Great list!….I’m following most & friends with some…but where are the women? I mean, I am SO not a femi-nazi but in a profession that is predominantly female it’s sad to see not one chick on this list.
    Where are @elemenous, @zephoria, @mbteach, @joycevalenza, @AngelaMaiers, @accordin2jo and umm me!? Just sayin ;-)
    The Daring Librarian

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